Pawel Lukomski
Pawel Lukomski is a creator of Studio 35 a polish movie label. It was first established in 2001 as an collective that produced independent films and has been developing ever since. Round about 2009 Studio 35 widened the scope of it’s projects and started to design clips especially for dancers, for which it is now most famous in Poland and abroad. After a short pause in independent films and other forms, that was used to develop new skills and movie techniques Studio 35 came back. With a diverse offer ranging form spots and trailers to videoclips and animations S35 is well known for it’s distinct visual style which incorporates VFX and dynamic editing techniques.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Facial Displacement to Created Subtle Depth in a Still PortraitAetuts retina facial displacement
    Last time while preparing the tutorial on How to Bring a Still Glamour Poster to Life I ran out of time and didn't cover the subject of giving some dimension to the flat poster face. In this Tutorial we pay another visit to our pretty lady and explore how we can displace the talent's face in order to create an optical illusion and making it seem 2.5D. This parallax effect can be achieved by preparing a fake z-depth matte and combining it with a displacement effect.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    How to Bring a Still Glamour Poster to LifeAetuts retina poster animation
    In this tutorial we will face a common problem when a client gives us a still source (eg.poster /logo) and vague directions - 'it should look good'. In my case, I had a poster of a new theatrical play and less than days to bring some life into it.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create Old Photos Up In A Creepy AtticThumb
    In today's tutorial I will breakdown and recreate one of my projects. We will cover how to set up an environment that resembles an old attic, try to simulate an old photo look for our video material, and make it all come together by adding lots of small touches to the project. I created this after receiving low res video that the client wanted me to use. Full screen, this clips looked horrible, but after creating this "frame" of sorts, nobody will ever know the difference!Read More…