Paul J Noble
I've been designing online media for the past few years in Sydney and London. I create prototypes, design comps and develop with HTML and Javascript. This is supported by experience with server-side technologies. I believe effective interactive design combines visual appeal with an engaging, user-centered interface. When I'm not working you may find me trying photography.
  • Web Design
    Build An Innovative Portfolio Site Using Alternative UI/UXPreview
    Paul J Noble's awwward winning, uniquely designed portfolio site has caught the eye of many people, and not just clients either. Today he's going to follow up on the design stage of this tutorial, and demonstrate how it's coded up.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Design An Innovative Portfolio Site Using Alternative UI/UXPreview portfolio
    What's the number one thing you want your portfolio site to do? Stand out! Today, Paul J Noble is going to walk us through the creation of his own uniquely designed portfolio site. He'll show us tips and tricks in Adobe Photoshop, as well as some clever approaches to standing out from the pack of other portfolio sites.Read More…