Patty Way
Patty Way is professional songwriting veteran of twenty-five years. She was a staff writer for four different publishing companies and has a catalog of over five hundred copyrights. Her songs have been recorded by varied artists from Nashville stars to classic cartoon characters. Mentoring other songwriters through the Nashville Songwriters International was a passion of hers for many years as well. She currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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    The Dark Waters of Music PublishingMusic
    A shark is a shark is a shark. In the waters of the songwriting ocean they are as numerous and carnivorous as they are elsewhere. Learn to steer clear of them.Read More…
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    Achieving Songwriting LongevitySongwritinglongevity
    The term "one hit wonder" doesn't only apply to recording artists. If I were to name my songwriter friends and acquaintances whose careers have scored them exactly one charting single or album cut, the list would be very long indeed. So why is it that some songwriters seem to have the ability to keep reinventing themselves? What is the secret to making one's songwriting career enduring?Read More…
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    7 Ways to Kickstart a SongSong
    All songwriters get into ruts at times and write in the same grooves, keys, and vibes repeatedly, sticking with what is familiar without even realizing how narrow their catalogs are becoming. Here are seven tricks to start a new song and step outside of your comfort zone.Read More…
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    Fishing for Song HooksSonghooks
    A memorable song hook, that gets stuck in a listener's head, can take many forms. You may not even like the hook but you cannot deny its contagion. Advertisers often use nothing but hook in trying to sell products. This is what makes jingle writing such a difficult undertaking.Read More…
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    Should I Join a Performing Rights Organization?Photodune 3111500 old radio xs
    Ever wonder how performances of your songs on radio, jukebox, television, clubs, or arenas magically turn into quarterly checks made out to none other than you?Read More…
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    The Journey of a HitPhotodune 6783234 hippie girl hitchhiking xs
    Ever wonder how a song journeys from the earliest spark of inspiration all the way to Number One status? Follow along ten milestones that realistically portray the way the process often happens in Nashville. Read More…
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    Critique of "I Wanna Be Touched"Photodune 1671617 touch xs
    This critique explores Herb Sinus' song "I Wanna Be Touched". It features a lyric that touches on a range of strengths and the best ways to use them in relationships.Read More…
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    The Importance of Playing OutPhotodune 2753512 stage curtain xs
    Sometimes playing a new song for an audience is like pushing a baby bird out of the nest, complete with crash landings and broken wings. Let's have a look at some of the finer points of the endeavor.Read More…
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    Critique of "Ghosts"Photodune 3149263 ghosts s
    Let's have a look at a Ed Durbrow's ghostly song and discuss its potential in the marketplace.Read More…
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    10 Tips Towards Rib-Tickling LyricsPhotodune 4021253 laughing audience at the movies xs
    When I look back over the countless writers' nights I have attended in my life, I recall a great deal of boredom mixed in with the chill bumps. A single accoustic guitar plucked to yet another ballad can truly be yawn-worthy. Nothing quenches the thirst brought on by too much sincerity like a truly funny song. So often, in a round of say, four players, one writer will unleash his funniest piece, and a barrage of humor will follow. Talk about a welcomed relief! Read More…
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    Critique of "Nightmares" by Katrina BarclayNightmarescritiquepreview400
    I chose the song "Nightmares" for my January critique because I think it will illustrate a good example of the power of form, and also of the need for coloring and variance in the tone of a song. I want to thank Katrina for including lyrics, as it makes my job so much easier! I hear many songs I would love to critique, but can't make out enough of the lyric to fairly comment. Read More…
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    All I Want for Christmas is a CutChristmascutpreview400
    Unfortunately, a songwriter is highly unlikely to get a Christmas cut in his or her stocking. I say this, not because it is next to impossible, but because Christmas songs are usually cut and polished in the May to July period, with the end of July pretty much signaling the closing of the window. This is due to the fact that a whole new cast of characters including marketing and sales people, need time to carry out their end of the endeavor. So, get a good head-start in any given year and get your Santa/spiritual masterpieces in circulation early! Read More…