Patrik Larsson
I´m Patrik, freelance designer, blogger and expert reviewer. I´ve been lucky enough to work for Envato for over a year now, and still counting. My core aim when writing a post is to make it as user friendly as possible, keeping it simple and easy to understand. I think people like me because I´m always friendly and quick when responding to emails and comments alike, details are something I highly value.
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    The Business of FreeBusiness
    We all like free stuff. Whether it's free food at an event or free resources to help your business out, everyone loves their freebies. Free stuff has always been popular and it's been proven that people want it--no matter what it is--as long as it's free. The core aim of this in-depth article is to talk about how one can build a business around it, and why you should try it. I will go through the process of how I increased my traffic ten-fold, got close to 500 new members over night and how I use the tools available like social media and search engines to promote my freebies. So what you say, shall we get started?Read More…