Patrik Larsson
My name is Patrik Larsson a self taught web designer with a passion for creativity and design in whole. Regular writer for FreelanceSwitch and a Reviewer for one of Envato’s marketplaces. Born and raised in chilly (but sometimes sunny), Sweden some 27 years ago (still young & kickin’). Now living with my girl in a town called Orebro in the heart of Sweden (pretty much centered).
  • Business
    The Business of FreeBusiness
    We all like free stuff. Whether it's free food at an event or free resources to help your business out, everyone loves their freebies. Free stuff has always been popular and it's been proven that people want it--no matter what it is--as long as it's free. The core aim of this in-depth article is to talk about how one can build a business around it, and why you should try it. I will go through the process of how I increased my traffic ten-fold, got close to 500 new members over night and how I use the tools available like social media and search engines to promote my freebies. So what you say, shall we get started?Read More…
  • Web Design
    PSD Freebie: Sliding MenuPreview
    'tis the season, and in the spirit of giving we have another awesome .psd freebie for you today! This sliding menu features a hidden sharing bar, revealing your favorite social links when clicked. Enjoy!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Weekend Freebie! The Aureus Landing Page (PSD)Preview
    I originally designed the Aureus Landing Page for ThemeForest. However, I changed my mind and decided to share it with all of you guys instead - I love giving back to the design community!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Quick Tip: Design a Pretty Dropdown Button in PhotoshopPreview
    Today I'll be showing you how to design a somewhat different, yet very pretty button in Photoshop. Though it might look pretty simple it still has something other buttons lack; it's a dropdown button. You ready? Here we go!Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Hur Du Använder VPN på din MacVpn icon 2
    57 sharesSvenska
    En VPN anslutning tillåter dig att säkert ansluta till ett annars privat nätverk över internet. Din Mac har inbyggd support för att använda VPN anslutningar och i denna guide ska vi gå igenom hur vi ställer in, hanterar och ansluter en VPN anslutning. Som avlutning, går vi igenom hur man sätter upp sin egen VPN server.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    7 Poserings Tekniker för Helt Vanliga MänniskorBenlucas
    3578 sharesSvenska
    Alla fotografer arbetar inte med modeller. En hel del har fotograferingsjobb med helt vanliga människor och vi måste då få dem att se ut som modeller. Men hur går det till då personen inte har någon erfarenhet av posering eller ansiktskontrollen för att posera för kameran? Här har vi sju tips på hur du kan få dina icke-modeller att både känna sig och se ut som modeller.Read More…