Patrick McNeil
I am a writer, developer and design lover. I have published 2 books (writing third) on web design and have worked in the web industry for about 10 years.
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    Discover Your Sweet Spot for Winning Freelance Work Illustration
    I have had the good fortune of being both a freelancer and a consumer of freelancer services. In fact, I have done both extensively (and simultaneously no less). There is a lot of talk about the importance of finding the right rate, and this relates a lot to what I want to consider here. I want to share some of my experiences from the point of view of hiring freelancers.Read More…
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    Abstracting Yourself to Freelance Success159918
    [caption id="attachment_12713" align="alignright" width="550" caption="Credit: solaris_photo on Photodune"][/caption] Perhaps one of the most important lessons to a budding programmer is the idea of abstraction. I still remember the words used to describe it to me, “If you find yourself copying code, don’t do it.” The idea is so dead simple; any time you find yourself replicating a piece of code you generate a function or sub routine to handle it. Fast forward about 20 years and this basic principle has become a critical part of almost everything I do. The notion of abstracting code to ensure it is as easy to manage as possible is a great fundamental business skill to have. Want to make yourself a valuable commodity on your team, your clients happier, and your freelance business more successful? The formula is simple, any time you find yourself doing something repetitive; find a way to do it faster. Here is my simple formula to identify what to do: Document the process for the system in question. Identify the most time consuming step of the process. Figure out how to automate or minimize the time required for this step. Repeat Read More…