Patrick Jaoko
Patrick is a designer/developer based in Brisbane, Australia. His interests include illustration, animation, JavaScript, design, ActionScript, PHP, writing and reading up on all the latest news, trends and developments in the tech and creative industries. He can usually be found working very hard on programs, websites, articles, illustration, animations and paintings. In his free time, he like to sit back and relax by creating programs, websites, articles, illustration, animations and paintings.
  • Code
    HTML5 Canvas Optimization: A Practical ExampleOptimise canvas
    If you've been doing JavaScript development long enough, you've most likely crashed your browser a few times. The problem usually turns out to be some JavaScript bug, like an endless while loop; if not, the next suspect is page transformations or animations - the kind that involve adding and removing elements from the webpage or animating CSS style properties. This tutorial focuses on optimising animations produced using JS and the HTML5 <canvas> element. Read More…
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    ActionScript 3.0 Optimization: A Practical ExamplePreview
    Code optimization aims to maximize the performance of your Flash assets, while using as little of the system's resources - RAM and CPU - as possible. In this tutorial, starting off with a working but resource-hogging Flash app, we will gradually apply many optimization tweaks to its source code, finally ending up with a faster, leaner SWF. Read More…