Owen Rees
Owen Rees is a producer, session musician and recording and touring artist. He obtained an undergraduate degree in music performance from the Guitar Institute in London and a postgraduate degree in music production from Kingston University. Owen currently resides as guitarist and producer for the group Ascending Dawn. Their debut album is due for release later this year.
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    Common Scales for the 7-String GuitarPreview
    A lack of available resources for the 7-string guitarist led me to create these scale diagrams. Below are some common scale types laid out on 7-string fretboard diagrams.Read More…
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    Guitar Tip: Symmetrical ArpeggiosPreview
    Symmetrical arpeggios are regular arpeggios with all of their 'data' condensed onto two strings. This allows the same shape to be played in each octave or two-string grouping. Instead of playing an arpeggio through a particular position or chord shape, we now have the ability to perform this arpeggio in a linearly fashion up the fretboard, at speed, without learning new shapes. Read More…