Owen Conti
Hi, I'm Owen, a New Media student in Calgary, AB. I enjoy learning new photography techniques and learning from what others have done. Hopefully you can enjoy what I have to offer as well. Thanks!
  • Web Design
    15 Tips: Creating the Perfect Photography Portfolio WebsiteThumbnail
    Showcasing an image based portfolio on a website can be a tricky task. It's usually a lot different than a normal client or business website. With a normal website, there is usually a consistent structure, which includes a header, a navigation menu, sometimes a sidebar, and usually a footer. However, when showcasing photography, there are no limits. You don't need a navigation bar, header, or footer, if you don't want to have them. The more creative you can be, while still focusing on the main goal of your site, the more attention you'll gain.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Creating a Subtle Black and White Street Portrait in CalgaryPreview
    For one of my final projects in college, I wanted to show how it's possible to understand someone by just staring at his or her face. Looking deep into their eyes, and knowing they've had a rough life or that they are still young, and fresh with energy. So my idea was basically: take 25 portraits of random people in Calgary. This tutorial will show how I've processed those portraits.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Taking a Look Inside a Poor Man's Camera BagPreview
    It can be hard as a hobbyist, or even professional photographer, to find the resources to continuously expand the tools inside our camera bag. With cameras going out of date after only a couple years, and projects getting larger and larger, forcing us to buy more gear, we can all relate when I say, "Do I really need this?" That's why today we'll be taking a look into a "poor man's camera bag" to find the cheaper alternatives to some of the more expensive gear we accumulate as photographers!Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Quick Tip: How to Easily Avoid Lens FlarePreview
    Lens flare is either haze or unwanted light artifacts across the image. It happens when a bright light source, such as the sun, shines into your lens, or is present in your image. Today we'll taking a quick look at lens flare, and how to ensure that unwanted lens flare doesn't spoil your images!Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Create an Eerie Floating Ghost Using Your Camera and PhotoshopPreview
    Ever dreamed of stepping into an abandoned house and capturing the perfect picture of a ghost or spirit? Today I'll be teaching you a simple method for becoming an artificial ghost buster. We will be taking a look at lighting, more specifically rim lighting, and also two different post-processing techniques which will appear to make your subject float. Let's get started!Read More…