Omar Shehata
My name's Omar, and I enjoy long walks through nature, hunting wild animals, and helping out local homeless people on the way home.... Nah, I'm kidding. I just sit at home programming all day. I do enjoy writing though! You can check out my raison d'être here
  • Game Development
    Animating With Asset Sheets: An Alternative to BlittingAnimating with asset sheets
    So you've got your awesome game in the works, it's got all sorts of complex physics, epic enemy AI or what-have-you. But it feels lifeless. You want some OOMPH, you want some animation! If you go and look up how to animate, the first answer you come across will most likely be a method using spritesheets and blitting. In fact, almost all tutorials on the web talk about nothing but blitting, as if there's no other way to animate. But in my experience, there's a better way to animate your orcs and goblins!Read More…