Oleg Berg
Oleg Berg is a professional musician and experienced composer and arranger from Donetsk (Ukraine). He works with many popular musicians and singers from Ukraine and Russia, and is the father of Vectortuts+ author Diana Berg.
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    Imitate Guitar Techniques With MIDI Part 3 – Glissando (1 Octave)Preview
    In this tutorial Oleg Berg concludes his series on achieving realistic guitar sliding sounds with a MIDI keyboard. Like the previous two parts, this tut is very detailed, and gets technical in places, but is a very worthwhile read if you're aiming to get the ultimate realism out of your MIDI setup. Achieving a realistic whole-octave guitar slide requires different techniques to shorter slides. This tutorial will explain how step by step.Read More…
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    Imitate Guitar Techniques With MIDI Part 2 - Glissando (3-4 Semitones)Preview
    Sampling, virtual instruments and MIDI keyboards give a lot of sonic options to today's music producer. But it's not always easy to reproduce the important nuances of musical instruments. Reproducing a lead guitar sound can be especially problematic - especially when it comes to string bending and sliding. In this tutorial, Oleg Berg continues his series of the best techniques to achieve those sounds.Read More…
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    Imitate Guitar Techniques With MIDI Part 1 - Glissando (2 Semitones)Preview
    An arranger often needs to create a guitar solo track. When there is no guitar (or guitarist) available, he needs to apply various VST instruments, samplers, and so on. His hardest task is imitating live guitar playing techniques with controllers. Especially the most unique and "tasty" guitar sounds - those made with string bending and glissando (sliding up and down the neck). Read More…