My name is Norris, and I am a hybrid Designer/Developer. I work mostly with Wordpress, but in my spare time I like expanding my knowledge in various other programming languages, and working on my own projects. You can find me on twitter as @justnorris and my personal website is
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    Maintainable CSS With Sass and Compass

    1.2 hours
  • Web Design
    Reveal Content When Needed With an Expanding FooterFooter retina
    During this tutorial we're going to build an expanding footer; a user interface pattern which allows the user to click on expandable footer regions if they wish to see more content. The end result is comparable to the accordion effect sometimes applied to lists and you can find it used on sites such as Additionally, we're going to be using Emmet to help us write our HTML at lightning speed.Read More…
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    5 Reasons for Picking up Sass *Today*5 reasons for sass preview
    "I hate the console, I don't do Ruby and I don't care for variables. Why in the world should I learn Sass?" Stop faffing about and listen up...Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: Finishing OffPreview
    The end is in sight! Our Creative Portfolio web page is almost finished. In these final two screencasts we'll look at cleaning up our SCSS file structure, styling the newsletter subscription form and the footer.Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: The SliderPreview
    Our Creative Portfolio web page is certainly coming along nicely. Let's now continue using SASS and Compass to build the introduction area and slider.Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: The HeaderPreview
    We're going to continue building our Creative Portfolio web page with SASS and Compass. On this occasion, we'll turn our attention to the header area, the primary navigation and some featured images.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Banish Repetitive Tasks with Sublime Text 2 MacrosPreview
    If there's one thing which can waste a lot of designers' and developers' time, it's repetitive coding. How often do you find yourself formatting and duplicating bits of code which don't really warrant making snippets from? Sublime Text 2 has just the tool to speed things up..Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: Grids and SpritesPreview
    Let's dive deeper into building the popular Themeforest .psd design we've been working on. During this screencast we'll be looking at grids in SASS, and we'll also use one of my favorite features in Compass; automatic sprite generation.Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: Building a ThemePreview
    We're going to continue our look at SASS and Compass, this time preparing ourselves for a complete website template build. During the coming screencasts we'll use a popular Themeforest .psd design, translating it into an HTML/CSS project with our new found SASS and Compass skills. There's lots to do, so let's get going!Read More…
  • Web Design
    SASS and Compass for Web Designers: IntroductionPreview
    Welcome to the first in a series of screencasts about SASS and Compass for web designers. We (designers) favor graphic user interfaces, and are sometimes intimidated by the command line, so let's begin by looking at three friendly applications to get you started with SASS and Compass.Read More…