Noah Hendrix
Noah is a Computer Science student at the University of Kansas. His interests include web development in PHP/MySQL and Ruby on Rails. He obsessively follows Tech Startups and has been known to have his own entrepreneurial ambitions. His development environment of choice is Mac OSX using a combination of TextMate and Coda. Find out more about him on twitter (@noahhendrix) or
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    Using htaccess Files for Pretty URLS200x200
    Continuing our review of htaccess files, today we'll examine how to use mod_rewrite to create pretty URLs.Read More…
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    5 Fun and Practical Htaccess Solutions200x200
    Today we will go over some practical uses of htaccess files that you can use in your web applications.Read More…
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    Authenticating Users With Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect200x200
    Most social networks have API tools that allow almost any website to authenticate users through their system. In today's tutorial, we will learn how to use these tools. Using a simple comment model, users will learn how to leave a comment within their Facebook or Google profiles. Read More…
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    Turn-By-Turn Directions with the Google Maps API200x200
    In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating a small widget that allows users to retrieve turn-by-turn directions to a specified location. We'll be using the Google Maps API, via JavaScript, to provide this rather advanced functionality. Read More…
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    Getting Started With Restful Authentication in Rails200x200
    In this article, we will use restful_authentication to add a user system to a simple Rails application. This is great for those first starting out and need step-by-step directions for using this amazing plugin. At the end of the article, visitors will be able to create an account, reset their password, login, logout, and validate email addresses. Read More…
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    Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data200x200
    When a webpage is designed to display large tables of data, a great amount of consideration should be dedicated to allowing the user to sort through the data in a structured manner. In this article, I will go over four techniques: hover effects, zebra rows, filtering, and sorting. Read More…