Nikola Malich
I am an independent Web Developer who enjoys working with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PhotoShop. I'm an enthusiast of the CodeIgniter PHP Framework as well as the jQuery JavaScript library and am hoping to learn Ruby in the near future.
  • Code
    Easy Script Loading with yepnope.jsYepnope js
    Officially released by Alex Sexton and Ralph Holzmann in late February of 2011, the yepnope.js resource loader features asynchronous, conditional loading and preloading of both JavaScript and CSS resources. This makes managing dependant, conditional code a breeze.Read More…
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    Managing Cron Jobs with PHPCron jobs
    The cronTab, or "Cron Table", is a Linux system process / daemon which facilitates the scheduling of repetitive tasks thereby easing up our day to day routine. In this tutorial, we'll create a dynamic PHP class that, using a secure connection, provides us with a means to manipulate the cronTab!Read More…
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    Create a Dynamic Content Editing System With jQuery UICode
    In this Nettuts+ tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a dynamic content editing system using the jQuery UI Widget Factory. We'll go over how to develop a logical, object orientated jQuery UI Widget, transform various nodes to editable text fields, delegate events within the widget framework, manage context, toggle icons, serialize data, and of course edit, restore and delete data using jQuery's fantastic AJAX functionality!Read More…
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    Dynamic Sprite Framework with PHPCode
    In this Nettuts+ PLUS tutorial, you will learn how to create a dynamic "Image Sprite Framework" from an icon set of your choosing. The framework will consist of the sprite image, a sprite stylesheet whose class names and properties correspond to the icons within our sprite image, and an HTML preview page which we can use a quick reference guide for the framework.Read More…