Nicholas Mamo
I'm a 16-year-old full-time student from Malta. I have been developing games as a hobby since 2008 - when I started out with Nyphoon Games ( The area which fascinates me most is Game Design, and I regularly blog about this in conjunction with my work-in-progress games.
  • Game Development
    How to Learn jMonkeyEngine 3Retina
    jMonkeyEngine 3, better known as jME 3, is an open-source 3D game development engine written entirely in Java. Using this engine, game developers can exploit Java's capabilities to develop games not just for modern operating systems, but also for the Android market. In this How to Learn article, we'll explore this engine's capabilities and the resources it offers to help you start working on your game as fast as possible.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Coding a Custom Sequence Generator to Render a StarscapeSequence generator starscape hires
    In my previous article, I explained the difference between a pseudorandom number generator and a sequence generator, and examined the advantages a sequence generator has over a PRNG. In this tutorial we'll code a fairly simple sequence generator. It generates a string of numbers, manipulates and interprets this sequence, and then uses it to draw a very simple starscape.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Gamedev Glossary: Sequence Generators and Pseudorandom Number GeneratorsThumbnail
    Procedural generation helps boost replayability by using internal rules to create parts of the game on the fly: from designing the plan of a dungeon to building a solar system. These rules are often based on a series of numbers which are then interpreted by the program to create the required content. There are many ways to generate these numbers; in this article we'll look at Sequence Generators and Pseudorandom Number Generators, and their differences.Read More…