Nemeth Balazs
Németh Balázs is a Hungarian-based producer. His passion is to create music and to share it with others. His favorite genres are trance and progressive.
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    Quick Tip : Spice Up Your Vocal Track with Ableton Live EffectsPrewiev%20image
    Today I'm going to give you some nice ideas about how to improve your vocal track. Ableton Live's clip view is a great weapon of choice at your disposal. You can give personal feels to every clip by using clip automation. Using clip envelopes with audio clips, you can create an abundance of interesting variations from the same clip in real time - anything from subtle corrections to entirely new and unrelated sounds. Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How to Make an Ultimate Band Pass Filter DelayPreview
    Today I will show you how to build an ultimate band pass filter. It can be used various situations for example during DJ sets or before breaks during your progressions. I think it is a really cool effect I've used lots of times in my productions. Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Using MIDI Effects in Ableton Live - Part 2Preview%20imiage
    Last time we discussed Ableton Live's powerful MIDI devices. Now it's time to show how to combine these devices in various ways in order to write complex melodies. If we would like to know the real power of these tools we have to combine them together. Here are some effective combining tips you can keep in mind. Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Using MIDI Effects in Ableton Live - Part 1Preview%20imiage
    This tutorial series is going to show you how to use Ableton Live MIDI devices in order to improve your songwriting skills. Many up and coming producers have difficulties with their songwriting skills because they have an idea in their heads but their hand skills are not good enough to put this idea into an interesting and realistic melody. Sometimes I struggle on my MIDI keyboard because I can't form the chords correctly and I miss the right combination of the notes over and over again. And this causes me to lose the flown of my idea. Read More…
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    Synthesize a Mini Pluck with Sylenth1Prewiev
    Today I would like to show you a mini pluck sequence. I use this sound quite a lot in my productions, and invented the term "mini pluck". It is used in several trance songs - especially in uplifting trance - but you can use other genres as well In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a "mini pluck downer" type patch in Sylenth. This is basically a pluck arpeggio with a filter being modulated in a random rhythm. I use Ableton Live to create it. It is suitable for giving backing support to other parts of the song. Other words it's a backing track just give some feel your tracks.Read More…
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    How to Make an Unique Kick from Samples in AbletonKick%20prewiev%20200x200
    This tutorial is for producers who don't have drums kits or drum machines. Using kicks from sample libraries is good choice for production, but many producers including me think that using other people's samples doesn't sound unique enough. If you want to make unique kicks you have to do it on your own. You don't have to buy an expensive drum machine or real drum kits. You do have to buy or download some excellent drum libraries, and use them to create some fantastic and awesome kicks which will be the foundation of your song. Read More…
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    A Guide to Spicing Up a Sweep Noise in Propellerhead ReasonThumb
    Today is the time to create something new! Have you ever wondered how to improve your simple noise sweep? I'm going to show you how to do the trick - step-by-step guide from the basics.Read More…