Neil Hanvey
Hi my name is Neil Hanvey although you may know me as neilakoga. I'm a programmer / illustrator, born and raised in Manchester, UK. I currently live and work in Herefordshire spending my days developing websites at Pepperneck and my nights doodling. I'm also a member of the SlashThree collective.
  • Design & Illustration
    Customizing a DIY Vinyl ToyDesign and illustration
    Toys are a good way for designers to break out of the computer and take their art into the real world. This tutorial will aim to teach you how to create a vinyl toy using Illustrator, decal paper and a blank toy.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Creating Psychedelic Character Art Using Adobe IllustratorDesign and illustration
    In this tutorial you will learn how to make a psychedelic character and background with Adobe Illustrator. Using various line weights, Halftone coloring techniques and the Eraser tool, you will build an exciting Comic style Illustration.Read More…