Natalie Fobes
Natalie excels at capturing real people and real life whether it is for a magazine photo editor or a Seattle wedding couple. She knows that those moments of life are the ones that too frequently go unrecorded. Each moment reflects a life. Each photo tells a story.
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    How to Create a Magical Photo Manipulation: The ShootFlying nf prelg
    Artists often work with a team of individuals to complete a project. This team could include a client, a creative director, an art director, a photographer, a retoucher, and a graphic designer. In this two-part tutorial, I teamed up with illustrator Thiago Storino to create a magical photo illustration that depicts a child interacting with toys that have come to life. In the process, we will show you how to not only shoot the photos that you need, but also, how to retouch them and combine them with stock photos to create artwork that closely resembles a sketch. Let's get started!Read More…