Naomi Bush
Former college instructor and local WordPress developer meetup organizer. When I'm not writing here, I imagine and craft delightful community experiences with WordPress – learning and teaching as I go. Find me on my website, Twitter, and GitHub.
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    Sharing the WordPress Love With Non-Image Media AttachmentsShare the love
    While WordPress easily displays images attached to your pages and posts (even without an attachment.php file), the other allowed media types (audio, video, document, text, archive, code, interactive) don't get the same love – save a direct link to the attachment file. But, you don't have to resort to uploading your audio, video, or other non-image media attachments elsewhere (like YouTube) in order to display them on your WordPress site. Using the default Twenty Eleven theme as an example, I'll show you WordPress' built-in functions for sharing the love with non-image media attachments.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Conditional JavaScript and CSS Enqueueing on Front-End PagesPreview image
    We've read it numerous times – a good WordPress citizen only loads their JavaScript where it is needed. This practice minimizes site load times and conflicts with other scripts. However, most articles only discuss the use of wp_enqueue_script for conditional JavaScript loading in the context of the WordPress admin, plugin admin pages, or front-end pages as a whole. But what about isolating our JavaScript to a particular front-end page? We could potentially get fancy with if statements, but WordPress provides a helpful API with a filter for handling just this sort of thing without if – so let's take a look under the hood.Read More…