Nancy Averett
Nancy Averett is a prize-winning freelance journalist whose work has appeared in such publications as Runner’s World, Masters Athlete, Hemispheres, Audubon, Lehigh Valley Magazine and The (Allentown, PA) Morning Call. She has also taught journalism classes at Northampton Community College and Miami University.
  • Music & Audio
    Last of the Romantics: Composer Justin Durban Likes to Transport Listeners to Another WorldPreview2
    When film score composer Justin Durban was starting out, he often gave away his compositions for free, posting them to his website. That early sharing helped connect him to budding filmmakers who needed music to accompany their visuals. It also eventually led him to one of his most unusual and enjoyable gigs: composing a score to accompany the exhibits at the Admiral Nimitz National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. “They were getting ready to renovate the museum and they wanted to have a full orchestral score to accompany the exhibits,” Durban says. “One of the guys who worked at the museum had downloaded a lot of my music and he used some of it when they pitched the project to investors.”Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Austin Powered: Designer Finds Inspiration in her Adopted HometownPreview
    Shyama Golden has no cubicle-mates to bounce ideas off of and no supervisor to guide her if she gets stuck. But the 27-year-old self-employed designer, who works out of a loft in downtown Austin, has found a way to collaborate. Read More…