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    How to Learn UnityHow to learn unity
    Unity is a feature rich, fully integrated development engine for the creation of interactive 3D content. You want to make 3D games? Unity's got you covered. In this article we'll share books, tutorials and suggestions for getting to grips with Unity.Read More…
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    Getting Started With Unity - Finishing Our Game With a MenuUnitymenus
    There are several methods used to produce menus within Unity, the main two being the built in GUI system and using GameObjects with Colliders that respond to interactions with the mouse. Unity's GUI system can be tricky to work with so we're going to use the GameObject approach which I think is also a bit more fun for what we're trying to achieve here.Read More…
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    Tr.ace() 2.0: An Excellent AS3 Debugging UtilityPreview
    Last year, we released Tr.ace(), an open source debugging tool for Flash that expanded on the built-in trace() function. Now, Tr.ace() v2.0 introduces several new features including the much requested "textfield console" to help you squash those bugs once and for all!Read More…
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    Getting Started with Unity - GUI, Scoring, Timers & ParticlesUnity3preview fixed
    In this tutorial we'll introduce scoring with and more complex gameplay with a variety of different pickups to collect, some hindering the player and some providing speed boosts. We'll also introduce a countdown Timer complete with a HUD displaying both the score and time remaining, as well as adding everyone's favourite feature - particles!Read More…
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    Best Bits of FOTB 2011Fotb 2011
    Yes, the ‘F’ in FOTB stands for Flash, but Flash on the Beach is so much more than a conference solely about the Flash Platform - or even one aimed specifically at Flash Developers. It is a rollercoaster of inspiration, education and downright good fun. Here are a few of my highlights from the latest and greatest FOTB. I’d love to write about everything I went to and experienced but it would take days; come next year and you’ll see what I mean...Read More…
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    Exclusive Freebie: Tr.ace(), an Excellent AS3 Debugging UtilityPreview
    We've got another Activetuts+ Exclusive Freebie for you! This time, Matt Stuttard (aka MSFX) is offering you his brand new debugging utility, Tr.ace(), which adds some very useful extra features to Flash's trace() function. Read on to find out more, and to download your copy.Read More…
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    Interview With Flash Blogger Supremo Emanuele FeronatoPreview
    Late last year Adobe announced the three areas they were focusing on for the future of the Flash Player; Video, Applications and Gaming. If I was to ask anyone their thoughts on Flash and Gaming it would be a certain Italian geek whose blog has 1000+ posts on the topic... luckily he's here to share those thoughts, say hello to Emanuele Feronato!Read More…
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    Getting Started with Unity - Colliders & UnityScriptPreview
    Detecting collisions within your game is a crucial element of both realism and functionality. In our level from the last tutorial you'll currently be able to walk through the trees and walk off the level itself which is neither useful nor realistic! Let's get that fixed with the use of Colliders.Read More…
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    Interview With Unity Guru, Will GoldstonePreview
    I was first introduced to Unity by an incredibly excited modeler / developer who'd stumbled across the Unity Island Demo at work (Hey Tim!). We both sat there in total awe at the fact this was running in the browser and hastily bought a book by a certain guru on the subject, Will Goldstone...Read More…
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    Getting Started with UnityPreview
    Unity is a multi-platform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation, which just happens to contain the most powerful 3D engine this side of a million dollars. In this tutorial, we'll see how to get started with Unity, from downloading the software and getting introduced to the IDE, to creating our first project with our own custom terrain and skybox.Read More…