Mohsin Amjed
Mohsin is a young graphic and motion graphic designer. He has experience with almost every Adobe software made and has more that three years of experience. He currently resides in Virginia, USA, and seeks to establish a strong presence on the web. You can view Mohsin’s latest work on deviant art, flickr, and youtube, just search his name!
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Quick Effect: Create a Mac OS X Leopard-style Aura EffectAura preview
    In this tutorial you learn how to create an aura effect which can used as a background for a dramatic title, similar in style to the default desktop background shipped with Mac OS X Leopard. This is a simple effect with an attractive end result that will be of use to all users of After Effects.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Create a Sidekick LX Styled Vector IllustrationPreview
    This tutorial will show you how to make a vector illustration of the Sidekick LX. This tutorial uses mostly the Pen tool, basic shapes, and simple gradients to give this illustration a degree of realism. In this tutorial, you'll learn quick ways to make stylized vector illustrations.Read More…