Mo Volans
Mo Volans has been releasing tracks for well over a decade with many of the world's top electronic labels. Having worked with a long list of high profile artists, he has enjoyed top ten success on numerous of occasions. Mo records under the names MoHawk, Twisted Air, and Openair and also writes music for TV and film. 
Mo is also a prolific writer and journalist writing for publications such as Music Tech, Remix mag and EQ.
  • Music & Audio
    Create a Vocal Glitch Sequence09 vocalglitch
    Glitch processing is a popular technique in contemporary electronic music. Although this method can be used on any sound it is often most effective when applied to vocal sounds. In this tutorial, Mo Volans shows you how...

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  • Music & Audio
    Sidechaining and Ducking in Reason04 sidechaining
    Side-chaining and ducking is certainly a popular topic amongst today's production fraternity. Mainly used to create pumping effects in electronic music, the process still remains a mystery to a lot of people. Things can become especially confusing when a program has its own tools for the job. Mo Volans gives you a Reason to duck...Read More…