Mo Beumers
Mo Beumers, born and living in Germany, is a Graphics Designer and Illustrator out of passion. With his own studio "econceptum", a company where he designs visual projects in compliance with ecologically, economically and socially sustainable policies, he is active as one of a few so-called "Ecosigners" in Germany in the field of illustration, graphic design and traditional creative services.
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create an Android Winter Game App Icon in CorelDRAWSnowmanicon400
    We are currently in the cold season, for that we are about to create a nice winter-themed icon for an Android based Game App. In this tutorial I will demonstrate the process of visually developing a completely vector-based illustration in CorelDRAW, which we then can use as an icon for a game app. For the sake of simplicity of this tutorial I will focus only on one size, which will be 512px to 512px (The App Store icons on the Google Play Market are requested in this size), so we could derive the smaller required icons later on, with the same approaches.Read More…