Michael James Williams
Michael is an editor and data analyst at Tuts+.
  • Game Development
    How Game Developers Can (and Do) Support the LGBT CommunitySpirit day gamedev
    In honour of Spirit Day, I'd like to share some games that expose LGBT issues via their mechanics, recommend a few notable games that include LGBT characters and content, and highlight talks and articles that can help all game developers better address LGBT issues.Read More…
  • Game Development
    An Introduction to Intel RealSense Technology for Game DevelopersIntel realsense for game developers
    Intel RealSense technology pairs a 3D camera and microphone array with an SDK that allows you to implement gesture tracking, 3D scanning, facial expression analysis, voice recognition, and more. In this article, I'll look at what this means for games, and explain how you can get started using it as a game developer.Read More…
  • Web Design
    8 Lessons I’ve Learned About Using Google Analytics at ScaleThumb
    Like many websites on the internet, we use Google Analytics to track data about our visitors and what they do on our sites. However, Tuts+ is a fair bit bigger than a lot of those sites, and at our size, we run into a few problems using it. Here's what I've learned about working with Google Analytics at scale.Read More…
  • Web Design
    The Tuts+ Translation Project Is Working, and I Have Graphs to Prove ItTranslationchart
    Over 100 volunteers have translated over 300 tutorials and articles into over 25 languages for the Tuts+ Translation Project. That's remarkable, and I feel that this response from our community alone proves that the project is a worthwhile initiative. However, as a data analyst, it's my job to put my feelings to one side and explore how it's doing using numbers and graphs.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Quick Tip: Make Retro, Low-Fi Game Sound Effects With BfxrBfxr retro game sound effects hires
    Bfxr is a handy tool for making sound effects in a style reminiscent of the NES era, like the noise made when Mario collects a coin. It can run in a browser and export sounds in either WAV form, which almost every gamedev engine can import, or in a data form that can be interpreted by your game's code on the fly.Read More…
  • Game Development
    15+ Analyses, Post Mortems, and Game Design DocsPost mortems analyses game design docs 400px
    You can't beat learning from personal experience... but learning from someone else's experience is often less painful. In this post, I've collated some of my favourite post mortems, game design documents, and design analyses for mainstream games, from Mario, Sonic, and Zelda to MGS2, The Sims Social, and Portal.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Git and GitHub for Game DevelopersGit and github for game developers 400px
    "I'm sure Git is great, but it looks complicated - I'll stick with my current workflow" is like saying "I'm sure IDEs like FlashDevelop and Sublime Text are great, but they look complicated - I'll stick with Notepad". Yeah, sure, there's a bit of a learning curve, and you can live without it, but it's foolish to. In this article, I'll explain why Git (and GitHub) is so great, and show you how to get started quickly and easily.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Wanted: Experienced Game Programmers to Port a GameWanted experienced game programmers 400px
    If you have coding experience with a modern game development platform, read on...Read More…
  • Game Development
    New to Tuts+: Game Development? Start Here.New to game dev
    Welcome to Gamedevtuts+! This site is dedicated to game developers, and we host tutorials, tips, and articles about game design, coding, and working in the industry. Whether you've never made a game before or you're a long-time developer looking to learn something new, this guide will help you find the best of our content.Read More…
  • Game Development
    One Year of Gamedevtuts+!Gamedevtuts birthday celebration 400px
    We're proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Gamedevtuts+ today! Over the course of the last twelve months, we've published over two hundred gamedev tutorials, we've welcomed many new members to our team (including a new editor), and we've learned a lot about making games together. In this post, we'll take a look back at our first year...Read More…
  • Game Development
    Enjoy These Totally Free Bomberman-Inspired Sprites!Totally free bomberman sprites 400px
    Jacob Zinman-Jeanes has assembled another excellent set of free game sprites: this time they're for a Bomberman-inspired game called Bombing Chap. You could use them for prototyping your games, or as a base for a full set of graphics!Read More…
  • Game Development
    Quick Tip: Cheap 'n' Easy Isometric LevelsQuick tip cheap easy isometric levels hires
    If you're hacking a game together for a jam or #1GAM, you're probably not too concerned about doing it "the right way". In this article, I'll share some tips for drawing and coding pseudo-isometric levels quickly and easily.Read More…