Micheal Beaulieu
Micheal Beaulieu is a freelance lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Montreal. His work can be seen here, and expressive brand of contemporary wedding photography found here.
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    Quick Tip: Dramatic Portraits With Off Camera FlashPreview
    This quick tip article is all about getting your flash off the camera, and using it in creative ways to capture great, dramatic portraits. Whether you use a dusty old garage sale hot shoe speed light or the latest electronic strobe kit matters much less than how you place, and direct your light. Lets take a look at a few items you'll need to get started!Read More…
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    10 Tips for Contemporary Wedding PhotographyPreview
    Never before has the genre of wedding photography been more creative or dynamic. Couples today are wanting to step away from the traditionally posed, sepia tinted images so popular decades ago. The aim of this article is to guide you towards a style that is more current, expressive, artistic, and one that will attract the interest of brides-to-be. Let's renew our photography vows and step into 2010 with a new perspective!Read More…
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    Stepping Into the Fashion Photography IndustryPreview
    It's hard to miss the slick fashion photography found within glossy magazines, boutique windows, and billboards. Fashion photography is everywhere! The satisfaction of seeing your own work printed 25 feet high feels fantastic, but before your next shoot can be seen on a billboard in the city, you have to get started from the ground up. Read More…