Michael McLaughlin
Michael is the founder and lead developer at Bob Taco Industries. He primarily develops games and mobile applications for Windows and Windows Phone.
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    C++ Succinctly: Visual Studio and C++Preview image@2x
    Visual Studio is great for C++ development. In this article, I'll show you some of the great features it offers to make C++ development easier, faster, and more enjoyable.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: C++ Standard LibraryPreview image@2x
    There are far more things in the C++ Standard Library than we have time to cover. We will limit ourselves to looking at some of the most commonly used features that we haven’t yet explored.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Lambda ExpressionsPreview image@2x
    In this article, I'm going to assume that you have experience with lambdas from C#, so what we will do here is cover the syntax that C++ has adopted.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: TemplatesPreview image@2x
    Template functions and classes serve a similar purpose in C++ as generics serve in C#. They allow you to reuse your code without writing a function or class for each variant you want.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: C++ Language Usages and IdiomsPreview image@2x
    We’ve already covered the RAII idiom earlier in this series. Some language usages and programming idioms in C++ might seem foreign or pointless at first glance, but they do have a purpose. In this article, we will explore a few of these odd usages and idioms to understand where they came from and why they are used.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: StringsPreview image@2x
    Strings are one of those troublesome things in C and C++. In the early days of the languages, strings were all character arrays. Then came a mess of workarounds, such as code pages, to allow for languages with characters that were not in the English alphabet. After a period of chaos, came Unicode. Then Unicode. And then Unicode again. And a few more Unicodes here and there as well, which is the root of the problem today.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Casting in C++Preview image@2x
    There are five different ways of casting variables. There is overlap between them, especially with the C-style cast and all other casts, but each has its use. It is good to learn them all, so you can use the best cast for your particular need rather than using any cast that happens to work.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Pointers, References, and Const-CorrectnessPreview image@2x
    Even though the concept of a pointer is simple, many people struggle with this topic. A pointer is nothing more than a variable that holds a memory address. After reading this article, pointers and references should no longer have secrets for you.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Resources Acquisition Is InitializationPreview image@2x
    This article is all about RAII or Resource Acquisition Is Initialization, a design pattern using C++ code to eliminate resource leaks.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Constructors, Destructors, and OperatorsPreview image@2x
    In this article, we discuss constructors, destructors, and operators in C++. Constructors are a bit more complex in C++ than they are in C#, but, after reading this article, you should have a good understanding of C++ constructors.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Storage DurationPreview image@2x
    Storage duration is the property of an object that defines the minimum potential lifetime of the storage containing the object. That's the topic of this article.Read More…
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    C++ Succinctly: Functions and ClassesPreview image@2x
    In this article, we discuss functions and classes in C++. You'll learn the difference between declaration and definition and we'll take a look at inheritance, abstract classes, and precompiled header files.Read More…