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    5 Action Steps to Take When Clients Leave Your Business5 action steps to take when clients leave your business
    About a year ago my best client walked away. I called her up to find out what I did wrong, and she replied in a mild tone of voice – “I’ll let you know if your services are still relevant to my business.” Wow, that was difficult to hear, and the lack of clarity left me wondering what had gone wrong. I had earned quite a sizeable amount of money working on writing projects for her. My most profitable client was slipping through my fingers. I needed to scramble to fix this situation fast. What did I do wrong? I quickly looked at the last two completed projects, which were fully paid and finalized. I tried analyzing them, questioning, “what did I do wrong?” I couldn’t pinpoint a single ugly ‘step’ I took. I was lost in the dark, and it seemed my ideal, prompt-paying client was leaving. I needed to analyze the situation and formulate a plan. Fortunately, there are key actions steps to take for retaining clients on a regular basis, as well as strategies for keeping a client that is about to walk out the door right now. If you have guts, then you have a good chance of getting a lost client back.Read More…