Michael Chen
Michael Chen is a Flash Developer currently working in New Zealand. He has strong interests in Interactive Web Design and Animation.
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    Animate a Continuous Quad Run Cycle With FlashPreview 200 by 200
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Activetuts+. This tutorial was first published in June, 2009. In this tutorial we'll create a quad run cycle. The animation will be created using simple lines. Along the way we'll cover a bit of work flow and animation theory, then near the end we'll use Motion Tween and ActionScript to move the animal across the screen.Read More…
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    Comparing Filters in FlashPreview 200 by 200
    In this tutorial, we'll create a filter program which will allow the user to apply different filters to an image, change intensity levels and compare the original and filtered images. We'll also be using components for our controls.Read More…
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    Create a Slick Image Revealer in Flash Using ActionScript 3Preview
    In this tutorial, we'll create an animated mask image revealer, which will involve movie clips, masks and ActionScript 3.Read More…