Meaghan Blanch
Meaghan Blanch - A corporate designer who left Australia to teach design to Vietnam for 5 years has now co-founded moogheads. Teamed up with a software engineer, we work on freelance projects and contracts online - specializing in branding, identities and web sites. You can follow us on Twitter.
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    Writing to Potential Clients: Be the ChameleonPreview
    We've all faced the challenge of exchanging messages with people we've never met in person: Face to face working in an office, the 50 year old businessmen expected a certain degree of presentation. When I went freelance, talking to people online was completely different. I was not sure how to correspond. Emails and social messages, it soon becomes apparent there are many voices out there --different age groups, agendas and expectations. How do we communicate with them appropriately and get our message across persuasively? As I became more interactive with strangers, I became less confident in my own voice. In person, I could act the part. In the virtual world, especially with no previous connection, how do you judge the best way to correspond? In person, there are so many other cues to read the tone of the situation and the interaction. If you make a step towards humor and it is not responded to then you can adjust your tone. In print we have different typefaces that help direct the tone of voice we hear in our head, but what about straight unformatted text? For example, how often do you receive a text message and are not quite sure of the senders indented tone? It can leave you a little baffled; "Are they annoyed? That was a short answer.” Online, we have been conditioned to keep our communications minimal as we are constrained to character spaces or have limited energy for unnecessary typing. We are affected by our ulterior motives. If we are desperate, if we are looking for clients, if we are doing a favor, if we are contacting them as a referral or cold off the bat. Anonymity means you can re-invent yourself. Do you re-invent yourself with each correspondence, or keep a steady hand on whom you want to be online? For me, I felt myself becoming more chameleon-like talking to so many different voices online. Being yourself in writing, however, doesn't mean staying rigid with your communication style. Every time we communicate with someone, we adapt ourselves to the situation. We'll use a different tact and tone based on who we are writing to and our goals for contacting them. Here are some angles on how to mold your messages to match the tone of the recipient, as well as persuasive strategies, which will help you land more client deals.Read More…
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    How to Launch Your Freelance Site, a Step-by-Step GuidePreview
    So you have worked hard to align every pixel, harmonize the white space, and to finalize the perfect logo. Now to launch your website....hmmm, how exactly? I was getting closer to launching my first website. The site launch checklist had more and more lines scratched through the tasks. And yet there was a slight sense of doom gathering. I didn't really know how to announce to the world that my site was about to go live, so I could then sit back and let the clients come knock'n at my door. So you have worked hard to align every pixel, harmonize the white space, and to finalize the perfect logo. Now to launch your website....hmmm, how exactly? In fact, I was sure that I couldn't throw all my files into the FTP client and cross my fingers. I was also pretty sure that all the angst and anticipation of working hard on my ready to be launched site would end up a small squeak and a fizzle with me checking every 5 seconds to see if anyone had looked at it. I knew I needed a comprehensive plan on how to launch my freelance website. I began searching every day for advice. Many articles online talk about the checklist of your website launch, the invaluable SEO keywords, etc. Ideally it would be nice to read how other people launched their sites without too many generalities. So after working with clients to launch their start up sites, collecting tidbits from online, and preparing to launch my own site, I brainstormed different techniques and listed the steps I used to successfully launch my freelance site. Let's take a look at this comprehensive list.Read More…