Max Burnside
I am a 20 year-old Producer/Singer-Songwriter currently studying Software Engineering at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I began playing music at the age of 10 and have been producing music since the age of 16. My DAW of choice is Logic Pro and I recently became an Apple Certified Pro for Logic.
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: Silent Sidechaining in Logic1
    If you have listened to Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, then you have probably experienced the "pumping" sounds that move along with the groove of the track. What's happening here is that the audio signal (usually a synthesizer) is being "ducked" when another signal (usually a kick drum) is sent. There are times, however, when you want to maintain the "pumping" sensation without another audio signal being heard. Today, I will show you how to do this with the "Silent Sidechaining" technique. While I am demonstrating this method in Logic, you can achieve the result in most every DAW. Read More…