Matthew Zhang
  • Photo & Video
    Understand How Autofocus Works: Part 1Viewfinder autofocusprelg
    Autofocus is easily one of the most useful advances in modern photography. In the majority of current camera systems, not having autofocus is nearly inconceivable. Learning to control this technology is a crucial skill for any photographer.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Understanding Color Theory for Digital PhotographyPhotography
    Colour is something that we human beings take for granted. It is a basic element of existence, like gravity or bad pop music, that we instinctively understand whether we choose to investigate it or not.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    When Sharp Isn't Sharp: Diffraction and AperturesPreview
    Diffraction is when the regular pattern of waves we see as light gets disrupted and behaves erratically. Most photographers understand depth-of-field and how aperture affects sharpness. But there is a point of diminishing return, and the reason for that is diffraction.Read More…