Matthew Aaron Gray
Hello, I am a professional Vocalist/Guitarist who specializes in music theory and the composition of classical music. I have had lots of experience in the past involving the music industry and over my years of teaching I have found my methods to be strong. In my spare time I enjoy writing music whether it be work related or not. My previous studied instruments include; Bass Guitar, Flute and Piano.
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    An Easy Change from a Man's Head Voice to his FalsettoTuts
    If you’ve ever found yourself in a recording session with a vocalist, you won’t need me to tell you how laborious the experience can be; especially with male vocalists. The most common difficulty in male vocals is finding that easy change from a man’s "head voice" to his "falsetto" This can come as quite irritating and distressing for some vocalists. In this article I will be proposing a few methods to make this technique as even as possible.Read More…