Matteo Sciutteri
Game Designer and Master Pizza Eater - Milan
I work as Game Designer from ten years, traveling around Italy. My career started in Artematica, then I became Head of Design in Milestone, where I worked for seven years. After a short period in Dreamslair, I started my new adventure as freelance.
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  • Game Development
    Spaghetti Design: Being a Game Designer in ItalySpaghetti design
    I'm Matteo, 33 years old and a normal guy. The funny thing is that I'm a game designer. Why is that funny? Because I'm Italian. Maybe in the UK, France, Germany or Spain it's quite common to know a guy that makes video games for a living, but here in Italy there's only one big game company and a handful of start ups. So, it's very hard to be a game developer in the country of Leonardo da Vinci, Vivaldi and Valentino Rossi.Read More…