Matt Vickers
Matt Vickers is a coder at heart and a designer by necessity. If it involves coding, he'd probably be into it! He's currently employed at Vantage Studios Inc. in Winnipeg, MB as a Media Developer. You can also check out his personal site, Envex Labs, where he usually has something interesting to say!
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    WordPress as a CMS: Part 3Code
    We've designed our site and converted it into a static HTML file in the previous two tutorials. The last part of this series we will setup WordPress as a CMS and convert our HTML file to a WordPress compatible template.Read More…
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    WordPress as a CMS: Part 2Code
    In the last tutorial we whipped up a quick, simple layout in photoshop and now we need to turn that into a static HMTL and CSS page.Read More…
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    WordPress as a CMS: Part 1Code
    When most people think about WordPress, they think about blogs. If you look at the front page of they talk a lot about blogging as well.Read More…
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    The Ultimate Guide for Learning MootoolsCode
    Getting started with any type of framework can be an intimidating experience. To help, this week we have an in depth tutorial and long screencast to provide a crash-course for this popular JavaScript library. With so much focus on jQuery, it's easy to forget that Mootools is an equally powerful library with a huge following.Read More…
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    How to Code a Signup Form with Email ConfirmationPreview
    In this tutorial, we are going to be creating a user signup form that adds a user to a database, and then sends out a confirmation email that the user must click on before their account will be activated.Read More…
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    Checking Username Availability with Mootools and Request.JSONPreview
    This tutorial will teach you how to check username availability with Mootools' Request.JSON and PHP/MySQLRead More…