Matt Pilott
Matt is a self taught creator of virtual products such as websites, graphics and mobile applications. Matt works as the International Design & Web Executive for a local company and in his spare time takes to building, fixing and troubleshooting friends gadgets.
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    The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Speeding Up Your WordPress SiteUwo
    Give your site a boost! Implement crucial optimization techniques that will improve not only your ySlow score, but your Google rank too. In this tutorial we will cover all aspects of W3 caching, ySlow, Google page speed, CSS sprites & htaccess rules, to achieve a high ySlow score like i have done on my blog.Read More…
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    WordPress 3.3 What's New ScreencastPreview
    WordPress 3.3 recently came out and we rounded up all of the new features - Today, we'll dive into a descriptive overview of the new features and changes that come with the new 3.3 update of WordPress in a video screencast! See the new media uploader in action and find out what's happened under the hood to keep your blog running smoothly.Read More…