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Marya Jan is a blog strategist and freelance online copywriter for e-learning and training companies. Grab her free ebook How to Write Blog Content that Works at her blog Writing Happiness. Follow her @WritingH, she is very friendly.
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    How to Earn Top Dollar Working as a Freelance BloggerHow to earn top dollar working as a freelance blogger
    I am a freelance blogger and an online copywriter. Most people look at me in amazement when I tell them that. Do you mean you can actually make money doing this thing? I am asked this question – a lot. Isn’t blogging for people who want to share things online? Isn’t it really hard to make money from your blog? How do you find clients? Do they pay well? The questions keep on coming. There is genuine puzzlement on their faces, I can see that. So I thought it would be good to answer all these questions for you who wonder the same thing. Yes, it is possible to make decent wages by offering your freelance blogging services. Very much so. Let's look at how.Read More…