Martin Lawrence
I am Martin Lawrence a landscape photographer specialising in images of the English Lake District and Scotland. I sell my work both on-line and in several galleries throughout the United Kingdom and hold regular exhibitions of my work. I also run One-to-One Digital Landscape Photography Courses based around the Lake District for photographers of all levels.
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    Using Hyperfocal Distance to Ensure Maximum Depth of Field in Landscape PhotographyPreview
    Twice a month we revisit some of our reader favorite posts from throughout the history of Phototuts+. This tutorial was first published in October, 2009. Have you ever got home after what you thought was a great day’s photography, only to upload your images and find that they were sharp in either the foreground or background but with the rest of the image not quite in focus? By applying the simple rules of Hyperfocal Distance you can be sure that you are shooting images which are sharp from foreground to background on almost every occasion. I will be using an image that I took recently of Castlerigg Stone Circle to show you how you can put these simple rules into practice so that you can obtain maximum depth of field (DOF) in all your landscape images.Read More…
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    Turn Your Photo Into a Stylish Watercolour PaintingPreview
    Turning your images into pen and ink drawings with a watercolour wash gives them a more abstract, "painted" feel whilst retaining much of the detail. It combines the blurry edges of a watercolour with the skeleton lines of a pen and ink drawing, allowing you to emphasise certain features whilst leaving others to the imagination. The end result, with a matte frame added (a useful technique in it's own right), is a very sellable product.Read More…
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    Achieve Beautiful Landscape Photos with a Neutral Density FilterPreview
    One of the most useful pieces of kit that you can own is a set of Neutral Density Graduated Filters. They can rescue a landscape image which would otherwise be spoilt by washed out skies or dark foregrounds. A large percentage of landscape images will always have a contrast between these two areas and it is therefore essential to have, and to know how to use, these useful filters. Read More…