Mark Southard
Front end developer at Zilla Media making pretty designs work in the browser for ThemeZilla and Dunked.
  • Web Design
    Dunked: Launched, but Hardly FinishedDunked preview
    I'm part of the team that has recently launched a web app called Dunked. Dunked is a free simple-to-use online portfolio for creative types. As of May 2013, we are in public beta; continuing to build out features as well as making incremental improvements based on user feedback. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the reasons I believe that a beta launch is important to the development of your product. I will also discuss how we, at Dunked, are going about the process of monitoring and gathering user feedback. Finally, I will discuss how were are going about implementing changes based on user feedback as we continue to build the product out.Read More…