Marius Masalar
Marius Masalar is a digital adventurer, working as a composer, writer, and photographer. He dreams of travel, plays video games, loves life, and laughs frequently. He produces steady amounts of carbon dioxide and is entirely biodegradable.
  • Computer Skills
    In Search of the Ultimate PasswordKeychainaccess
    Your password is based on a word, about eight characters long. You’ve substituted some numbers for letters (‘3’ for ‘E’ and ‘4’ for ‘a’, etc.), you’ve made sure to capitalize a letter or two, and you’ve welded an exclamation mark to the end, as if to emphasize your adherence to the immutable checklist of password strength. You breathe a sigh of relief. Every month or so, you forget this password (or you remember it because you use it everywhere). But it’s strong… right? Let's dig into the subject of password security to uncover the myths, maths, and methods that define this crucial aspect of computing.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Navigating the Terminal: A Gentle IntroductionTerminal preview
    It may seem like the kind of geeky realm that only hackers are fit to inhabit, but the OS X Terminal is a powerful and versatile method of interacting with your computer that offers advantages to users of all skill levels. It’s quite a departure from what you might be used to though, so we’re here to help you take your first steps.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Create a Foolproof Backup System for Your MacCover
    Over the course of this tutorial, I’ll walk you through setting up a backup plan that works for you, I’ll tell you about the surprising number of options available (and why you shouldn’t pick just one!) and I’ll also point out some of the subtler benefits to backing up that you may not have considered.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Become a Stickies Ninja: Tips, Tricks & SecretsStickies1
    With the Mac App Store open and business booming for Apple developers, it's easy to get into the habit of grabbing a bunch of useful third-party applications to handle your computing needs. While there's nothing wrong with doing this, you may find yourself surprised at just how powerful some of OS X's built-in tools are. The next stop on our quest to help you make the best of your Mac is Stickies, the surprisingly powerful built-in notes application that you may not be using to the full potential, if at all! Let's fix that, shall we?Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Discover the Hidden Power of TextEditTextediticon
    There's a lot of power under TextEdit's hood, so let's open her up and introduce you to some of the lesser-known features. If it's actual word processing we're after rather than document design, then what functionality do we actually expect? Text wrangling with fonts, styles, and justification? Check. Tables, charts, and images? Check. Spelling and grammar checking? You bet.Read More…