Marin Todorov
Marin Todorov is an independent iOS developer and publisher with background in various platforms and languages. He started developing on an Apple ][ more than 20 years ago and keeps rocking till today. Meanwhile he has worked in great companies like Monster and Native Instruments, has lived in 4 different countries, and (more recently) has worked on 10+ titles on the App Store. Besides crafting code, Marin also enjoys teaching. He taught a successful university course on "CGI & Perl" in the beginning of the 2000s, and at present has a successful programming games with Cocos2d online course. Throughout his career he has authored or contributed to 5 great book titles, including "iOS6 by Tutorials", "iOS5 by Tutorials" and O'Reilly's "Adobe AIR Cookbook". He maintains a technical blog about iOS development and also has a successful video course on game programming.
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    Beyond the Basics of JSONModelId47k preview image@2x
    In the previous article, you learned about the basics of JSONModel. You saw how easy it is to work with JSON using JSONModel and how it does a lot for you behind the scenes, such as data validation and conversion. In this tutorial, you will create a more complex application and you will learn about a number of features that bring even more power to your model classes.Read More…
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    Getting Started with JSONModelId47k preview image@2x
    JSONModel is a great library for iOS and OS X that makes working with JSON data a breeze. By taking a look at your model classes and the the JSON data, it helps creating smart models, reducing the amount of boilerplate code you need to write.Read More…