Marie Gardiner
Sunderland, North East England
Based in the North East of England, Marie Gardiner is a professional photographer specialising in wedding and commercial photography under the banner Wheels of Joy Photography. She also has a passion for macro and landscape photography which she enjoys sharing and writing about.
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    Wedding Photography for Beginners

    1 hour
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    Creating Macro Photography Scenarios: Tiny WorldsPreview
    Sometimes when we think of macro there’s a tendency to head straight for nature; a close up of a flower, a butterfly wing, dew drops on the grass etc. In this tutorial, I’d like to encourage you to move away from what’s already there and create your own macro scenarios; it’s easier than you think!Read More…
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    The Dramatic Documentary: Telling True Stories with Fact and FeelingPreview
    Documentary is, by its nature, non-fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dramatic. In fact, a good documentary should balance its presentation of facts with entertainment if it’s to capture an audience’s imagination and so in this article we’re going to look at documentary as a form of drama.Read More…
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    Are You Ready for the Worst? Get the Right Insurance for Your Photo-Video Kit and PracticeInsurance for photo video
    Insuring yourself and your kit is essential these days. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur, no doubt you’ll need some level of cover. This article will go through the various types of insurance and hopefully help you decide what’s best for you and your situation.Read More…
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    How to Create a Simple Watermark Brush in Photoshop Preview
    To watermark or not to watermark – that is the question. It's down to personal choice but I'll outline some of the pros and cons in this tutorial before showing you how to make a simple watermark brush for use on your photos. Read More…
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    How to Rescue Under-Exposed JPEG Images with Adobe PhotoshopJpeg restoration tutorial
    Learn how to recover lost elements of an under-exposed JPEG using levels, curves and vibrance adjustment layers.Read More…
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    How to Use Imagenomic Noiseware for Next-Level Noise Reduction on PhotosPreview
    This tutorial looks at the effectiveness of noise suppression software tool, Noiseware; specifically the Photoshop Plugin version.Read More…
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    How to Use Your Camera's Self-Timer Instead of a Remote Shutter ReleasePreview
    Buying a remote shutter release can be expensive or sometimes we just forget to have it with us. This quick is a nifty alternative using your self-timer.Read More…
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    Making the Jump: Is Freelance Professional Photography Right for You?Preview
    You’re thinking about making the leap from hobbyist to professional photographer but are wondering how to get off the ground. This article will look at some of the key things to think about when venturing into the world of freelance photography.Read More…
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    Bold Colours: How to Apply Colour Theory in Your Photo CompositionsPreview
    Colour is a big part of design and photography is no exception. Colour has the power to grab the attention of your audience and make them feel what you want them to feel. This article looks at using colours and their effectiveness in composition.Read More…
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    Mental Haze: How to Use Bokeh to Create Visual Tension and Emotional ImpactPreview
    Bokeh has been described as meaning ‘a mental haze’ – quite a beautifully accurate description when you consider how integral bokeh can be when telling the story of a photograph. Sometimes, it is the story.Read More…
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    Choosing Progressive Versus Interlaced Video RecordingPreview
    It's sometimes hard to know whether it's best to shoot in a progressive or interlaced format when it comes to filming. This tutorial will give you a brief overview of how each method works and help you decide which is best for you.Read More…
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    When and How to Volunteer Your Time as a Photographer or VideographerCharity volunteer
    As photographers or videographers, we can often be asked to give our time and expertise for free. Ultimately of course, the decision is yours, but hopefully this article will help you make that decision in an informed, confident way.Read More…