Maria Popova
Maria Popova is the editor of Brain Pickings, a curated inventory of miscellaneous interestingness. She writes for GOOD Magazine and Wired U.K. and spends a shameful amount of time on Twitter.
  • Design & Illustration
    Software Assisted Illustration in the Form of Information VisualizationPreview
    Thinking about illustration inevitably calls to mind images of pencils and sketchpads and an analog, old-school creative process. There's a certain charm to hand-drawn images, an intimate bridge between artist and page. But the digital age has brought its own magnetism to the illustrative process, liberating artists to do more than they ever could before and offering an entirely new platform for self-expression.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    From Paula Scher to Wilco: Illustrative Lettering as Cultural StorytellingPreview
    Illustrative lettering, by definition, lives at the beautiful intersection of typography and illustration. It blends the aesthetic sensibility of the type designer with the creative edge of the artist and the narrative magic of the storyteller. This latter property is incredibly important, particularly in understanding the broader cultural and social relevance of illustrative lettering as a tool of self-expression and a storytelling medium.Read More…