Marc A Hutchins
With over $45,000 in video, audio, lighting and grip equipment wrapped in a 3-ton GNE truck, Marc A Hutchins' company Alexander Films supports indie film and commercial productions from South Carolina to Pennsylvania.
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    The 80/100 Principle of Making a Film80.100 thumb 15754
    I was going to call this the 100/80 Principle, but it sounds too much like the 180 Rule for camera work—so 80/100 Principle it is. But what exactly is the 80/100 Principle?Read More…
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    Money and a Market: Requirements for Successful FilmmakingAetuts retina market money
    Indie feature films need two things to be a success: Money and a Market. You may have money to spend on talent, crew, equipment, design, etc., but without a channel for marketing, the money is trapped inside a DVD disc that sits on your shelf. You may have a large and eager market who awaits your masterpiece, but without the financial resources to create a worthy picture, you will under deliver and lose your audience. Money and Market go hand in hand, and with the right finesse, you will begin to see your dream of cashing in on a passion/hobby/job become a reality.Read More…