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Maneesh Sethi was a freelance programmer turned blogger and travel hacker. Learn how to quit your job, become a digital nomad, and get free plane tickets and office space at Hack The System.
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    How to Leverage Inbound Marketing to Make Clients Claw At Your DoorHowleverageinboundmarketingmakeclientsclaw
    How much of your time do you spend sending outbound emails? How much time and effort do you put into every pitch, hoping that a client will select you over countless others? Successful freelancers know that there is another path. Instead of going to the client, have them come to you. Getting clients to desire your services---to approach you rather than vice versa---is a function of two variables: producing excellent work and being able to market that message. Getting incoming traffic and loyal users is called inbound marketing, and it refers to the process of bringing customers to you via several avenues, rather than approaching them. Some examples are: creating search engine optimized content, viral videos, and shared articles that brings incoming traffic.Read More…