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    7 Skill-Perfecting Tips for Non-Native English WritersMagnetic words
    Internet and the English language brought people with common interests together from all around the globe, and blogging earned its big slice in launching individuals' careers as freelance writers. What a great option to hone writing skills, learn how to interact with a readership, and build quality clips? While the majority of these blogs are well written, no matter the author's nationality, a number of non-natives' blogs show poor English skills. Causes are diverse and not always a consequence of the author's negligence: poor teaching, lack of feedback, and little opportunities to put language skills in practice. The result, however, is the same: compromised readability turns off readers, and writers can have a tough time breaking into the writing market. Language skills are crucial to landing a job, along with an eye for storytelling and proofreading. Don't let this discourage you. If you are a non-native English writer with (still) unripe English skills, you can work on perfecting your writing for the English-speaking market, and advance your career.Read More…