Liz Lockard
Liz Lockard is a self-confessed web marketing geek and Google Analytics nerd who offers SEO coaching and Google Analytics tune-ups for small businesses. She is a *huge* fan of email marketing and offers a bunch of email list building tips on her blog. Grab a free copy of her 3 Most Common Website Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make report or follow her on Twitter, @lizlockard.
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    Minimally Viable Google Analytics Conversion TrackingPreview minimally viable google analytics setup graphic
    Have you heard of Google Analytics? The amazing free tool that lets you know exactly what’s going on with your website traffic? From where your visitors are coming from to what they’re doing on your site to where they’re leaving? If you have, then you know that Google Analytics can give you a lot of amazing insights into your business. Google Analytics can tell you where your customers or leads are coming from, but it doesn’t come setup out-of-the-box to do that for you. It requires a little tweaking. And let’s be honest, if you’re not using Google Analytics to tell you where the leads for your business are actually coming from, what are you using it for?Read More…
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    How to Install Google Analytics on WordpressPreview install google analytics on wordpress
    Have you heard about all the powerful insights Google Analytics can churn out for your business? (Here are just 3 Google Analytics insights you can learn about your business.) If you haven’t heard about Google Analytics, it’s an amazing, free tool you can use to track everything related to your website visitor data - from how many, to where they’re coming from, to what they’re doing on your website (and what’s making them leave!). If you have heard of Google Analytics and its powerful insights, you know that installing it on your site is a must do item. If you're a Wordpress user, I have a secret for you: installing Google Analytics on your Wordpress site involves very little code. We can install Google Analytics easily. Sound good? Let’s get to it.Read More…
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    3 Insights You Can Learn About Your Freelance Business from Google Analytics3 insights freelance business google analytics
    As a solo freelancer, you probably don’t have the budget to conduct big market research studies like the big guys to learn how to improve your business - things like how to improve your sales process, or where your customers are coming from, or a million other market research questions. I’m here to tell you that you have a little tool (well maybe not so little) to give you the answers to many of these questions, which provides insights into how to grow your freelance business. That tool is Google Analytics. Let’s get started with DIY market research in this lesson.Read More…