Lindsay Berger
Lindsay is a copywriter who leverages the power of words to create powerful marketing material for small businesses. She is based in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.
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    How to Handle Tightwads & Charge What You're WorthPeanuts
    The penny-pinching, wheel-and-dealing, bargain-hunting prospect. As a freelancer, dealing with this type of person is part of the territory. Unfortunately, this is a delicate situation: if you come off as defensive you risk losing a sale or a later referral. If you give in and offer a bargain price to nab the prospect, you give up a bit of your professional integrity and stumble into an ethical gray area (what about all those clients who never got a deal?). Because I've run across this type of person more often than I'd like to admit, I've developed some standard lines to deliver when my pricing is challenged. Read More…