Leigh Howells
Leigh Howells is a web designer with 18 years’ experience, based in Cambridge UK. Currently works as a Design Consultant at Headscape Ltd. Long time contributor to Boagworld blog and podcast. Occasionally published in places like Smashing and .Net Magazines. Follow on Twitter - @Leigh
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    A/B Testing for Web Designers

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    Goodbye, Adobe FireworksFw dead retina
    The real world as we all know, is a place of hard knocks, bottom line economics and tough decisions. After one such decision, and a controversial one at that (see the number of comments), Adobe have this week announced that Fireworks, their unique product for web designers, will no longer be developed beyond the current version - apart from a few operating system updates and bug fixes (some long overdue).Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: Vectorise All the ThingsFw real world vectors retina
    This is the last episode during which I'll be going over generic tools and capabilities, but it's simply not possible to go any further without covering the vector tools within Fireworks! Vectors are becoming increasingly relevant in web design; pixels are less reliable than they were just a couple of years ago and designs are becoming more and more flexible.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: All About MasksFw real world mask retina
    In this episode we're going to take a look at masks. I used to think the masking tools within Fireworks were relatively weak, but (even though they're not quite as fluid as those in Photoshop) I've since come to realise exactly how powerful Fireworks masks can be.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: Design Tools ContinuedFw real world tools 2 retina
    During this video we'll continue our overview of Fireworks' tools. We'll look at blending modes, live filters and how they compare to Photoshop's layer styles. We'll also take a look at some vector tools, such as working with the combine options. Covering all this now will enable us to properly embrace the design process a little further down the line. Let's dive in!Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: Design ToolsFw real world design tools retina
    Before we dive into the actual process of designing our pet shop website, it's a good idea to first become acquainted with some of the design tools and niceties which Fireworks offers us.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: MoodboardsFw real world moodboards retina
    At this stage in our real world process we've built a few wireframes in Fireworks, then (theoretically speaking) sent them off to the client for review. Whilst they're having a good look through them, sharing them amongst other stakeholders in the project, we'll turn our attention to the aesthetics. We're going to build three different moodboards, just to explore various visual directions for our pet shop website.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: Interactive WireframesFw real world next retina
    Following on from our introduction to wireframing, let's now look a little deeper into what Fireworks can do for us in that area. We'll look at pages, using common symbols and making our wireframes interactive.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: WireframingFw real world wireframing retina
    Fireworks isn't a dedicated wireframing application, but its familiar interface, templates and extensions make it the perfect contender for being your wireframing tool of choice.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: Application InterfaceFw fb2
    In this screencast we'll take a look at the Fireworks application interface, some useful panels, tools and workspace configurations. We'll also talk about the Fireworks .fw.png file format.Read More…
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    Fireworks in the Real World: IntroductionFw fb1
    Welcome to the first in a series of screencasts about using Adobe Fireworks in the real world. This session is suitable for newcomers to Fireworks and those of you who've used it in the past, but not necessarily as your design tool of choice. Throughout this session I'll be showing you the advantages Fireworks has for real world projects.Read More…