Lea Woodward
Lea Woodward is a location independent business owner. She runs her business - Kinetiva - with her creative husband, Jonathan, whilst trotting around the globe. She is also the founder of the Location Independent network.
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    Why Freelancers Should Watch Their Backs (And How To Turn The Threat Into An Opportunity) Watchyourback
    If you take a look back through the comments here on the 'Switch there seems to be an uneasy current of tension that appears whenever anyone mentions working with freelancers who live in less than first world countries and charge rates of $10-15 per hour (or less). You typically hear cries of "You get what you pay for", "You're exploiting them" or "You're devaluing the work of professionals in your own country"; they're classic defensive statements. The problem is that with the globalisation of the economy and the increasingly internet-enabled population in less developed countries, it's opening up many industries to growing competition from all parts of the world. And as a freelancer and business owner, it's not good enough to simply sit there and say "It's not fair"... it is what it is and only the savviest of freelancers will not only secure themselves and their business against the threat, they may even find a way of turning it to their advantage. So here's why the defensive statements just aren't going to do you any good - and how you can turn the threat into an opportunity:Read More…
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    How To Raise Your Rates Without Losing ClientsMoney1
    Do you break into a sweat at the thought of raising your rates and having to tell loyal clients that you're going to have to start charging them more? Is your biggest fear that all your clients will walk away if you add even a tiny increase to your current fees? As the new year is approaching, it's a key time to get your business in order, focus on your strategy and ensure your business will not only be here this time next year, it will be thriving. Of course, earning the money you deserve for the value you add to your clients is a big part of that and many freelancers often don't charge nearly enough. One of the most common questions I get asked when coaching clients is "How can I raise my rates without losing any clients?" So far, none of my clients have lost any of theirs once they've broached the subject of their increased fees and many, much to their pleasant surprise, have been met with the same response – "I'm surprised you haven't done this sooner".Read More…